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The Benefits of a Small Wedding

When you pictured your dream wedding, have you always imagined a room full of everyone you’ve ever met? Luxury and extravagance everywhere you look? As you begin to plan your actual wedding, you may start to realize for a number of reasons that going small instead of extravagant has its perks. Of course there is […]

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How to Cancel or Postpone your Wedding Graciously

No one likes to talk about the possibility of canceling or postponing a wedding, but the fact is, sometimes that’s just what happens. Besides a change of heart, a wedding may be canceled due to venues closing, natural disasters, illness, bereavement, or a global pandemic. Likewise, the couple could decide to forego the formalities of […]

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Gorgeous Floral Walls and Backdrops for Your Wedding

Flowers can transform any space or event into something extra special. Their stunning beauty and lasting fragrance create an inviting and mystical mood. Surround yourself with flowers at your wedding for a transforming effect that will dazzle your guests and create a gorgeous background for photos galore. The floral experts at Rebel Hill Weddings are […]

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Flower Arrangements You Need for Your Wedding

Thinking about the flowers you’ll choose for your wedding can seem like a simple idea… until you actually start to choose. There are tons of options available, and plenty of great places to display them throughout the day. Knowing where to start (and end) can be a daunting task, which is why the floral experts […]

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